How to correct/update address?

My statement shows an outdated address. How do I update my address, please?

Hi @ChrisOrme ,

When you say an ‘outdated address’, do you mean you’ve moved house and haven’t let Bulb know? If so, I would get in contact with them straight away (see What to do when you're moving house – Bulb ) and you’ll need to sign up for a new account for your new home .

If the property is the same, but the address has changed (i.e. it now has a house name instead of a house number or Royal Mail has changed the postcode), I’d then drop them an email (see Updating your personal information – Bulb ) as they’ll need to update the national meter database.

Hi @RichyB,

Thanks for your help. I signed up for bulb while I was in the process of moving as I needed electricity at my new house even though I was still living at the old address. Bulb clearly has the correct supply address. This appears at the top of the page when I log in. Somewhere though they have obviously stored my old address as it appears at the top of my statement. I cannot work out how to delete/update this old address.

Hi @ChrisOrme, when you joined Bulb you may have used your old property for your billing address - it sounds like you were still living there at the time so this would make sense.

I have now updated your billing address so it matches your new supply address, let me know if there are any issues with that.

Perfect, thanks William!