How to find out how much elec I use day and night

Hi I want to check to see if I can get a better deal online but I need to know how much electric I use on day and night. I can see how much I use annually but not day and night use can anyone help please.

Hi @Matrix1966 ,

If you are on an Economy7 meter with separate day/night readings, then these should be split up appropriately in your Bulb account (and/or your monthly statement).

If you are on a single rate meter (i.e. there is no sperate day/night readings), then that bit isn’t relevant for your switch as you’ll need to get the physical meter changes to take advantage (or even just measure) your day/night split.

Hey @Matrix1966 Thanks for your post.

As @RichyB has said, please feel free to check those statements for the split in usage.

If you have been with us over a year, you should have an annual usage statement as well which does include your usage across a set period of 12 months.