How To Get A Smart Meter Removed


I have concerns about the safety, security and effectiveness of smart meters and would like to know how to get one removed from the property that we have just moved into. I realise that some people will say that there are no health concerns about smart meters and they are welcome to their opinions. However, my research has led me to think otherwise and as a consumer I would like to exercise my right to choose which meter I have installed in my home. Since smart meters are not mandatory I would like this one replaced with an analogue meter.

Can you give me clear actionable steps as to how to do this?



You wont get an analogue meter with mechanical dials, no one makes them any more.

You can get a non-smart digital meter. Bulb will organise a non-essential meter swap at a cost of £120. Phone or email them for more info, contact details available from the help pages linked at the top.

Bear in mind that as with old analogue meters there will come a time that no manufacture makes non-smart meters any more. At that point your right to choose will be trumped by market forces and like it or not you wont have anything to chose from. That point may well have come already and I suspect a lot of manufactures are simply getting rid of old non-smart stock.