How to get a smart meter

Hello how do I get a smart meter fitted? Iv got solar and a home battery and I’m looking to make use to the evening tariff but need a smart meter through you guys to allow me to go onto that tariff

Regards Ian

Hi @ian_johnson4992 and welcome to our community :bulb:

I’ve found your account and can see that you do already have a first generation smart meter. In this situation, we’re not in a position to replace this type of smart meter with the new generation. It would the case that you need to wait until we migrate your smart meter to the DCC (smart network), which we aim to do later in the year.

I’m sorry about this frustrating situation.

Good morning

Iv been waiting quite a while now and I now own an ev car and motorbike.
I also have home battery storage but the thing that is letting me down is my meter.
I don’t mind paying to replace the meter if needs be as my home is extremely efficient but the meter is the thing that’s holding me up moving forward with other options on my battery system.

Hi @ian_johnson4992 :wave:

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry that we’re still not getting automatic readings from your first generation smart meter.

We’ve been reading more and more meters like yours, but sadly can’t get automatic readings from your meter yet. However, we hope to be able to get automatic readings from all meters like yours by the end of the year.

I appreciate that this is taking a while and I’m very sorry about this. We’ll email you once we’re able to get readings from your meter remotely. Until then, you’ll just need to submit manual readings as you have been diligently so far.

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Niamh :bulb:

Good morning

My point is not so much the readings but I’d like to be able to use the night tariff to charge my home battery and also my car on cheap rate electric.
Am I able to do this on my current meter?

Regards ian johnson

Hi @ian_johnson4992

Ahh I see- we haven’t connected to it yet sadly but as @Niamh_at_Bulb mentioned we are starting to be able to do this! Once we have connected to it, we can add you to the tariff change waitlist to be able to make the meter 2 rate and then you’d be able to charge on the off peak times. :oncoming_automobile:

Another option would be to switch back to the supplier who installed the smart meter as it should still be ‘smart’ with them to see if they can help out as well? :zap: