How to get anything done?

Is anyone else struggling to get their smart meter working? Ours was installed over 2 months ago and it’s still not working, several phone calls and emails later and no joy, I’ve just received an email from Bulb which basically seems to be shrugging their shoulders and asking me to report them to the Ombudsman, which just seems to me like they are giving up.
Below is the email I received from Bulb and my reply to it. Am I being unreasonable?

Bulb Email
Dear xxxx
This email is in regards to you complaint with us at Bulb (Complaint Number xxxxx).
We would like to apologise that we haven’t yet been able to resolve your complaint. Eight weeks have passed since you first told us about your complaint so you now have the right to refer your complaint to the Ombudsman Services: Energy if you want to. You’ll find their details below.
The Ombudsman is there to help resolve disputes between energy suppliers and their customers. It is free to use their services, and they are totally independent – so they do not take sides, and make their decision based only on the information available. If you agree with their decision, we have to act on what they say. This may mean we have to apologise, explain what has gone wrong, correct the problem or give you a financial award. You do not have to accept their decision.
If you can, it’s probably best to call them first. Please make sure you mention you’ve received this ‘eight week’ letter when you contact them.
Visit or call their helpline on 0330 440 1624. You can also write to them at: PO Box 966, Warrington WA4 9DF.
Kind regards,
Team Bulb

My reply
Thank you for your email, but I have to say I am totally flummoxed by your reply, it seems to indicate that Bulb have completely given up, is that the case? Are things going that wrong at Bulb HQ everyone has given up?
All I want is a working meter, I understand things go wrong, I accept that, but what I am struggling to come to terms with is the apparent total lack of concern from Bulb. I assumed, clearly wrongly, that a complaint or issue would be reviewed by Bulb at least weekly if it couldn’t be addressed there and then. If Bulb were to regularly update their customers about outstanding issues, we would at least not feel abandoned and ignored, which is how I am feeling now, along with feeling trapped as I can’t even more suppliers as no one wants to take over an unfinished installation.
Your previous correspondence acknowledged that there were some problems with the meter rollout and commissioning would need to take place, but I struggle to understand why we have received no contact about fixing the issue yet, it feels that either there is a massive problem which no one is admitting to, or we are simply being ignored, or Bulb is simply lying and stringing us along.
What do I need to do to get Bulb to actually deal with my problem, just sending an email saying report us to the ombudsman is hardly an appropriate reply, you could of least book an engineer to look into the issue.

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Dont hold your breath for a quick fix: