How to get bulb card and key for top-up?

Hello, I applied an account for gas and electric in my house. I do not know how to get a card and key and charge money, theb insert the meter to activate?


You’ll get it through the post prior to your switch date.

It sounds like you’ve just moved in. Have you contacted the existing supplier(s) to the property before starting your switch to Bulb?

The landlord told me that they use blub for gas and electric, how can I get my own top–up key and card?

Have you contacted Bulb and told them you’ve moved in?

How to tell bulb?can you provide contact information?

You need the Help page. See the “contact us” link at the bottom. Phone them up on Monday morning. Don’t try to email them.

Hi iv just joined bulb in December how do i apply for a top up key meter im all electric at mo im on direct debit but i like to change to a key meter thank you

Going the other way around, from prepayment to credit, costs £120. I should imagine the same charge will apply when switching to prepayment.


Do you really want to pay £120 in order to pay a higher rate for your energy AND have the inconvenience of topping up? Most people do everything they can to get rid of prepayment meters should they end up with them somehow. Keeping the pay monthly meter will be cheaper for you.

Hey @241387432 we’re sorry to hear your key and card haven’t come through to you yet. If you’ve still not received it, please give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 and we’ll find a local shop for you to collect one from

Hi I got email what I didn’t set up a payment method but I still using my previous provider’s top up key. I’m awaiting my new electricity key from you for more than 1 month now . Whats the problem is? And If I will not get it within this week’s end I’ll switch to another company. And yes I’m contacting you almost every day and still nothing!