How to get free energy

Hi, I exist on another planet and over many years I watched you destroying your own planet in order to obtain energy resources. For example, you’ve mined all the natural elements inside your planet, mixed them up and used them to harm each other. Now you’re obliterating earth’s surface by getting rid of nature’s plant life and animals.
But, there is a source of electrical energy that’s totally free and obtainable without destroying the planet. Three of you humans have identified this NATURAL energy and unfortunately for you they’ve been ridiculed and dismissed along with their understanding of nature. Stop for a moment to consider how you’re contributing to the destruction of your own existence.
Quite obviously you don’t understand. Your current generations of humans are not aware of nature’s energy bound within your planet and is naturally recharged during periods of what you call storms. In my view, this resource must be exploited instead of destroying the earth on which you exist. Ask your doctor or scientist if your body, animals, plant life and the earth has electrical currents (energy) within.
Later on…
Anyway, I’m off now to catch some free energy to charge this interplanetary communications tool as it’s been a very busy century. Thanks for your comments.


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Would you like the telephone n# of my trick cyclist believe he does interplanetary house calls

Hi skippy64 yes please. But my point is humanity has ruined earth’s resources through greed and deliberately ignored the natural inbuilt energy.
Does your friend have an electric bicycle?

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Well don’t keep the secret to yourself … what is the source of totally free electricity?

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No, he just has to peddle like hell to get up to warp factor nine
man has been depleting the earth’s resources since shovels were invented that;s what brought about the industrial revolution

Tesla had the knowledge

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your earthbound scientists were hampered by authorities who were determined to enjoy gigantic profits from this newly found energy.

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And the secret of free electricity is? Do tell! We earthlings await.

The answer is you hotwire the neighbours meter


No skippy, the free energy I refer to is wire less!

Now I get it its those free radicals that have escaped and you invite them in for coffee and biscuits but unbeknown to them its hard labour in return for shelter

You might think that; I couldn’t possibly comment.

Like ‘zapped’ I still await the answer to the question posed: “how to get free electricity”. or has my time reading this thread been wasted?

I think the real answer is that there is no such thing as electricity free of any cost or impacts. Even wind, solar and wave power still have at times significant environmental effects in its infrastructure, harvesting and distribution to users - though not of the same league as using unsustainable and inhernatly polluting fossil fuels.

Might be referring to the earth’s magnetic core plausible but not really feasible

Perhaps being a “superior” ET they have harnessed solar power, in any case I think he has gone home now(or the men in white coats have arrived) just refusing to communicate with us “inferior earthlings” any longer

This thread still makes more sense than anything from Bulb, and has a higher probability of actually working.


Octopus energy have paid me for using electric on occasion since I switched to them

Does that count?


After 1890, Tesla experimented with transmitting power by inductive and capacitive coupling using high AC voltages generated with his Tesla coil.[100] He attempted to develop a wireless lighting system based on near-field inductive and capacitive coupling and conducted a series of public demonstrations where he lit Geissler tubes and even incandescent light bulbs from across a stage.[101] He spent most of the decade working on variations of this new form of lighting with the help of various investors but none of the ventures succeeded in making a commercial product out of his findings.[102]

In 1893 at St. Louis, Missouri, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the National Electric Light Association, Tesla told onlookers that he was sure a system like his could eventually conduct “intelligible signals or perhaps even power to any distance without the use of wires” by conducting it through the Earth.[103][104]

Tesla served as a vice-president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from 1892 to 1894, the forerunner of the modern-day IEEE (along with the Institute of Radio Engineers)

only if they have done a wireless money transfer

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