How to get real usage info


I have had a smart meter some time now and I’d really like to download all my usage data so I can see if, over like for like periods of time, I am using more or less gas or electricity. How do I get this “raw” data so I can make my own comparisons?

Thanks in advance.

You can’t with Bulb. If you have a SMETS2 meter, check out the Bright app by Hildebrand Technology on the Android/iOS app store. They offer a free service that gives you an app with better historical data access and API access to your data.

Hi @glynn :wave:

I can see you have smart meters in your property so you can view your daily usage in your bulb account under the ‘energy usage’ section. This also has all of your meter readings recorded. This would be the best place to view this information.

Hi @geuben :wave: I’ve not heard of this before so will be sure to check this out myself thanks for sharing this.

If you have any questions please drop them below :point_down:

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Thanks Luke

I had looked at that already. It only goes back just under a year and is a web page. How do I get a download file of all the activity? Should be really easy.

Just installed. Looks promising.

Need to work out how to get the data downloaded but it is dramatically better than info provided by Bulb.