How to get the 4 word passphrase? It's not working

Hi guys, I’ve had this smart meter for a few months now and everything is working fine, I’m able to see the consumption in kWh and also £ term.

I tried to pair this IHD to my SmartThings hub but I was not able to get the 4 word passphrase at all.

When I go to the Account Pairing section, it says “waiting” since few months ago, I’ve tried many times over the weeks and days and it’s the same.

I contacted support and they just refer me to the help page which I sent to them. I’ve the IHD6.

My IHD6 is able to connect to my wifi and shows everything fine apart from this 4-word passphrase.

Has anybody had similar issues?

If your Electric meter is sending readings to Bulb automatically then you can connect to Smartthings using the Chameleon option instead of the Bulb

Just hit the + sign on the favorites page of the Smartthings app, select Device and then scroll down to you see Chameleon, use that option to connect.

Hello @Havens thanks for your response. I’ve tried doing that, after clicking Link Account, it took me to the “Select a location and room for your device” the loading wheel is spinning endlessly.

Could it be a different meter I have? It’s by Landis + Gyr.