How to get your smart meter data from DCC when bulb blame DCC for problems

I was reading through PC Pro June issue last night and found out information on an app called Bright from Hildebrand which can access smart meter usage from the DCC network this is fully legal and safe with Hildebrand being an authorised DCC company.

It always appears that Bulb’s default response to any Smart Meter problem is to blame DCC which is what I am currently experiencing with my smets1 gas meter data getting to Bulb but no Electricity data getting through which they put down to my Smets1 Electric meter not being enrolled on the DCC network yet.

However using the app I can see that DCC have been capturing the data since APRIL 2021 :rage: so it looks like the problem is most definitely Bulb so I would suggest if you are having smart meter issues and Bulb are saying that DCC aren’t getting the data check it yourself then if the data is at DCC call them out on it!