How to login to my account for the first time

I’m new to bulb and I must say I’m not impressed with their customer service. I’m trying to login to my account and I can only find the community section, nothing about meter readings or payments. Did everyone else have the same problem to start with? If anyone else can guide me I’d be greatful.


Scroll all the way up, then try hitting the “bulb home” button:

If that doesn’t work you will, unfortunately, have to get your account reset, which will be done by bulb when they see this post, on Monday hopefully.

Hi @davidturner

I’ve just sent you a password reset email. Please look out for that and let me know if you’ve still got any issues with logging in.


I still don’t have that email. When am I likely to receive this?

Hi @davidturner,

I’m going to send you an email now (which is linked to this community login) asking for some info so I can find your account.

I will then get this sorted for you.