How to make your home more energy efficient?

Hello Community :wave:,

The brains at Bulb have been looking into ways to help members make their homes more energy efficient. We are looking to hear from people who own or rent their homes!

I’m keen to know:

  • If you are aware of your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
  • How important is an EPC rating in your wider energy world? Is it something you strive to improve (why or why not)?
  • Where does it rank vs other home improvement efforts?
  • Have you looked at the recommendations before? What do you think of them?
  • Do you trust the recommendations that are made?
  • What form of proof would you like to see once you’ve implemented the recommendations?
    • Would it be a reduced energy bill, an increase in home value through improved EPC, or some information about how your carbon footprint has been lowered? Or something completely different?
  • Do you have any other opinions on home energy efficiency improvements?

We are working on giving more personalised energy-saving advice to our members, so watch this space for more details.

Thanks for your help,


Product Specialist