How to pay bill

your company is a complete nightmare !!! We moved into this property at the end of November and contacted our supplier Utilty Warehouse to transfer over our accounts to the new property. We have carried on paying our direct debet to them . We have spent hours on the phone both to you and them and seem to be getting no where . we have now recieved a letter threating a pre payment metere , on further questioning Utility Warehouse it would seem they only transferred the gas . I am now trying to pay yourselves but dont have a clue how to do so. Could someone call to take payment???

This is a customer forum. Have you tried using the live chat from the help page to talk to Bulb customer service?

That’s not how this works. You can’t transfer accounts between properties like that. The supply is to the property, not the person, and remains with the property even when you move out and cease to be responsible for the bills. Perhaps some of this is due to confusion about how energy supply operates?

If you could give a timeline from when you moved in, of who was supplying what, and what you think should be the situation now, that would likely help. Note that who supplied your previous property, or how anything was setup, is irrelevant when it comes to your new property now.

Hi there,

I’m sorry your switch to Utility Warehouse didn’t go through, if you didn’t let us know your details when you moved in it is most likely why the electricity didn’t switch as well. It takes three weeks to switch between suppliers so we would need to know who was responsible for energy in the property during that time.

Our phone lines are only open for emergencies at the moment, if you get in touch with us on live chat or email we will be able to look at the situation in more detail.