How to pay

There is no way to contact Bulb by phone. I want to pay my bill, but the only way is direct debit which I do not wish to enter into. There is no facility for one off payment .No internet banking , BACS whatever. Do you want to be paid Bulb??

Same here, I want to pay weekly but cannot find a way to do so.

Same problem got a statement with a balance to pay by a certain date but no means of making a payment on your web site by BACS. Direct Debit set up but this does not start until after the specified payment date which I have no problem paying if only there was a means to do so. Rather frustrating please email a response as to how this can be paid on line please.

Why dont you just log in here:

Then go to payments and statements, and top up your credit weekly then?

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That didn’t work either sent me back here ???

What happened in the four months between your posts?

Who knows I posted a question as to why the web site keeps sending me to the community site when I try to log into my account. Just crap aren’t they ???

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Personally I had no issues with Bulb during my 20 or so months with them, but having said that I switched to another supplier last month as the savings were just too great to ignore. They provided my final bill within about two weeks of me switching to the other supplier.

Possibly you misunderstood my query, I was wondering what direct approaches you have made to Bulb during the last 4 months to resolve your problem of not being to access your account?