How to send first meter readings

Not a good start!
I’ve received emails asking for my first meter reading as I’ve switched to Bulb from N Power today (23 Jan). I’ve clicked on the link entered my password but can’t find a place to put my readings. Need to do this as I don’t want an estimate. What do I do?? Nicola

Phone (request callback) or use chat and get them to manually reset your account. **DO NOT USE SNAIL MAIL as the response times are far to long,

Will do. Thanks.
Was hoping for a smoother start after battling with N Power for the last 5 years.

This is a common fault.

See: Meter Readings: Queries - #15 by William_at_Bulb

I’ve sent in a complaint to Bulb about this and another issue as sick to death with electricity companies. After 5 years battling with N Power was hopeful of a much better service. At least I’ve been able to speak to N Power this morning to give them my final readings which is not much good if I’m not able to give them to Bulb. I’ve been dealing with utility companies for 25 years without any problems until recently. Surely things should get better, not worse!

“This is a common fault.”
While being aware that this is an ongoing inherent problem that bulb seem incapable of fixing, I refrained from mentioning it as I did not want Nicola2 pulling her hair out in frustration while crying inconsolably, muttering incoherently as the men in white coats dragged her off kicking and screaming to that well known farm

Given that post is the sole public acknowledgement from Bulb regarding the problem that is affecting so many customers, it’s only right to point everyone asking towards it.

It also has the benefit of cross-linking every thread about this onto that post. The forum currently shows 12 links to that one post. Useful stats.

Very well,
Now that i have been admonished, once again i shall go and stand in the corner and think about what i have omitted