How to set budgets in the IHD

My SMETS 2 smart meter was installed yesterday and all is working well so far.

I am keen to set budget amounts in the IHD and reading some posts here it seems a little unclear whether the electricity and/or gas display includes the associated standing charges and therefore whether the budget I set should include this too?

Any recommendations welcomed.


Hi @glynn :zap:

Here is a youtube video we made which shows you how to set a budget:

Here is also a link to our guide for IHDs too:

It will also include standing charge in the budget.

Also, in general gas standing charge given the current firmware on the L & G meters, is applied at the turn of midnight, so in the morning you will see this displaying this standing charge as monetary usage on your IHD

Elec standing charge is added right at the end of the day just before it ticks over to midnight and resets.

This will be fixed so that both are added at the turn of midnight - it’ll just be in the next L & G firmware upgrade, a fair few months away at least.

Thanks for this. I can take this from here.