How to sign in

I can’t sign in and give my meter readings

Hi @Jer not ideal! What seems to be the problem with signing in? If you aren’t receiving the login links, it may be worth checking your spam or junk folders, and you should know that you can only use each link once. If you’re coming up with a message saying something like ‘can’t find your account’, then you may have signed up to us using a different email to the one you’re trying to log in with. If you’re on a phone or an ipad, then many people seem to find it works better on the app than on the website at the moment. I’d also recommend clearing your cache if you’re still having trouble, using the shortcut ctrl-shift-delete on windows or command-option-E on mac to open the appropriate windows. Does any of that help? If not, then if you drop us an email on we’ll be able to give you some more specific advice.