How To Stop Smart Meter Invitations?

I have 2 properties with Bulb. One of them is a flat in a purpose built block with electricity used for all power via day & night rate dual meter. However, as all the meters for the flats are in a central cupboard location, having a smart meter there is not an option. Is there a way of stopping the smart meter invites I get regularly?

I provide monthly meter readings via the website to ensure Bulb has accurate data.

I was able to stop the emails with the previous supplier.

Thanks in anticipation.

I just emailed Bulb and then they stopped.

Noted - thanks. Fingers crossed…

Hi @Grimes, I’ve taken a look and it doesn’t look like you’ve emailed us about this just yet, so I’ve beaten you to the punch and emailed you about it myself! Keep an eye on your inbox and then I can stop the smart communications for you :ok_hand:

Lou :stars:

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