How to switch from standard to Economy 7

Hi, I currently have a standard tariff/meter and I’d like to switch to economy 7. How do I go about it?

@Tech2XS - The switch depends on the type of meter you have installed.

  • If you have a traditional standard one rate meter you will need to have a meter exchange to a 2-rate meter which costs around £100.

  • If you have a two rate meter already just on a single rate tariff then we can just change your tariff at our end with no need for an engineer to visit you.

  • If you have a SMART meter then it is possible for them to be remotely reconfigured to any combination of rates and tariffs however due to the SMETs1 communication issues we cannot reconfigure them remotely and so this too would result in a meter job to install a two-rate traditional meter.

The best way to organise this is to either email us on or call us on 0300 30 30 635

@“JamesG at Bulb”, if someone has an SMETS2 meter now (as some suppliers have started rolling them out) and switches to Bulb, can you handle the change remotely with that or are there still things you need to work on before that will be possible?

@mowcius - there are still a few things we need to set up with our DC (data collector) to make that possible. We have had the update to our software to make it possible so we are tantalisingly close. It should not be much longer and certainly, once the trial is live we will be able to reconfigure SMETs2 meters between E7 and standard configuration.

@“JamesG at Bulb”, out of interest, who is your data collector?

So this started back in January 2018 and I’m still not fully moved across to E7. Meter swapped twice, tariff finally switched across but advised the incorrect Rate1 and Rate2 so have been paying day rates for my night use etc. Meter reading corrected today but no sign of credit for the overpay since June. I am still recorded on the national database as a single rate meter household despite requesting this to be fixed several weeks ago (they say, allow 3 weeks, well thats been and gone and STILL this has not been resolved!). So fed up of this company and I can’t switch suppliers because of this issue. Contacting Ofgem.