how to switch to Bulb and change away from E7 tariff at the same time?

Looking to switch to Bulb and get rid of my E7 meter as I don’t use much power in the night but the ‘get quote’ pages ask if I already have an E7 meter, which I do, and gives me different costs if I say I do or don’t have such a meter

How do make sure I get on the right tariff ie not E7 when I do have a E7 meter?
Anyway I want to change to a smart meter so can I do this all at once?

@jim Once you have switched to us just let us know and we can make sure we will charge you just one rate for both day/night rates :slight_smile:

Will you be able to tell from sample day / night readings whether I am better off on E7 or single rate or is is something I just have to guess?

@jim Yes, and this is something we can change at any point. Usually we say if you use 40% or more at night it is worth it to be on E7.

Thanks, but I already switched to Bulb last night.

Although they lied on their web page.
It said that it takes 2 minutes to switch. It took me a lot less than that, just address and card number!

I did notice however that many of the ‘good’ reviews were accompanied by a referral code like yours that gave the reviewer £50. So I guess the reviews are not completely bias free as there is a financial incentive for the reviewer. But the yearly cost from Bulb is good and that’s what counts as its the same electricity wherever you go.

Hi @jim glad the sign-up was fast.

We’re trying to discourage people from using the referral code in their reviews. The original idea behind the referral programme was to refer people you knew, rather than strangers online, plus it makes our reviews look less than genuine. It’s a puzzle that @“Jenny at Bulb” is working on solving.