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how to put in my final meter reading before we move

need a bit of information before I make “the switch”, me and my husband just bought our house and we are with British Gas and on a prepayment meter with a smart meter. can I switch to monthly payments? if so how do this work with yourselves?

I am wondering why my payments have been so high and keep getting Bill correction.
My balance is so low now that Bulb keep taking payments and then still taken my DD from my account so l am paying twice in one month…anyone else having the same problem.


Costs are rising. Been informed I could get better rates with several other service providers. Do I get Warm Home Discount on my tariff? How can I apply for it?


Hey @faye_elizabeth88

Great to hear your thinking of making the switch - we’d love to have you with us.

Yes, you can join Bulb with a smart prepayment meter on direct debit. In fact, this will happen automatically. When you sign up you should select “I pay by direct debit”.

You can read about smart prepayment meters with Bulb on out help centre.

Hope this helps and we look forward to having you on board!



We’ve not increased our tariff. If we do, we’ll give you 30 days notice via email.

We provide a cheaper tariff than the standard Big Six variable tariffs but we’re not the very cheapest. It’s always a good to keep an eye on some good energy deals. Bulb does not have any exit fees so you can leave without any extra charges. But we do hope you stick around.

Bulb does offer the Warm Home Discount. Applications open on October 16th. If you’re in the Core Group, you don’t need to apply. If you’re in the Broader Group, you’ll need to upload your supporting documents. That takes just 10 minutes.

Where do I find the Live Chat facility please?


I sent a request 7 days ago asking for a refund of the amount of £200 which I am well in credit by but still not heard anything. How do I get my money back? I need it quick for dental treatment

hi, i have been informing bulb everyweek for almost 5 months, my smart metere display does not work, i have tried everything you suggested, it simple does not work and you need to come replace it, i been asking for you to send someone for four months now. Instead I am still opening my garage too take readings, also it caused my anixity and distress as yo not replied to me too replace it you keep fobbing me off or ignoring my messages, i have not benifted from it, you have because you can take meter readings, but for me you have frustrated and caused me so much aniexty and distress and by not replying you have made my health worse, you offered £10 pounds, that is an insult, becuase the problem has not been resololved, I want you to take the smart meter away, because you are not prepapered to replace it, you given me faulty product that does not display anything, its not in tutorial mode either.

The worst service I have ever received, I’ve been trying since July to get a smart meeter fitted, it’s been a string of disasters and I wish I’d ever started this sorry process. The worst thing is that Paul, the supposed customer service manager has been without doubt the worst person I’ve ever had to deal with. He rarely replies to emails, treats me the customer with contempt, promises countless things and doesn’t deliver. I wish I’d never switched to Bulb! They make a big deal on their website about customer service - this is a complete fabrication! Customer Service is the lowest priority for them, I’m taking my case to the energy ombudsman and can’t wait to leave this shambles of a company.

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Hi please can I speak to anyone today about a d6 error code

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hi i have lost my bulb gas card and have no gas over the weekend

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I am trying to get my smart meter electric readings correct.You are still estimating using the old meter system.I have emailed in three times the new reading with a picture of the metere to prove it. No reply at all why?

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Hi, I’ve had a smart meter since 22nd July but no gas reading yet. Electricity reading has updated on 1st October fine. Is there something I need to do? thanks

Hi there,

I have joined Bulb in June, when I moved to a new flat. The flat got pre-paid meters for gas and electricity and I absolutely hate this system. It’s so old fashioned and slow… like having to go and top up at a supermarket or a shop enrolled to do this. If you run out of credit you basically are .f… up. I suggest to modernize the system with topping up online, that would make life much easier! In any case, i have considered to change to normal meter, could you please send me information in how to do this and how long it would take to make the change?

thank you,

Hi there, I’ve just moved to Bulb after months of incorrect bills from previous supplier missing dd payments from bills and was impressed by Bulb’s reputation, so I’m hoping you will be as good as your reputation.
I was eligible for the Warm Home Discount and applied for it again when I moved to you. You are correct it does take just 10 minutes. Please can you let me know how long it takes for a reply as I haven’t heard anything yet. If I’m not eligible with Bulb would I have been informed of this?
Any information much appreciated. K