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Hello. I am having problems trying to complete the Warm Homes Discount application. I get so far, then am sent an email which then takes me back to where I was. I can’t get past this. Can you help, please?

Hi. I’ve tried to do our latest three month meter readings and the electricity secure 100 meter doesn’t seem to be working properly. I press 9 and it doesn’t flick over to the reading. The gas meter worked fine. Any ideas???

I am the same. I had a smart meter installed and all it does is flash. I have spoken to Bulb and sent emails to no avail, I just received another email saying it 6 months since I sent a reading! I can’t send a reading with a smart meter. The Siemens installer blew my heating and my freezer. He then left me without heating or hot water and I had to pay for a gas engineer from a local company to fix my heating and hot water. By the time I discovered my freezer in the garage had been blown the food was mush. It cost me £250 in food and to get my heating and hot water back on. I complained and Bulb came and they said the Siemens field manager said it had been installed properly. So Bulb your customer service is crap and I am leaving you. Bye, bye.

PS I am an OAP.

The service of this company is the worst ever, your apps don’t work, you don’t reply to support requests, you add and remove my details, threaten to cancel my switch because you removed them, and if you do reply it’s not even to a question I’ve asked. I can’t even cancel my switch because your stupid site doesn’t work!

All I wanted was to sign up to a new supplier as I only moved in a few months ago, and get rid of the stupid prepayment meter.

Here’s the short version. Despite being told one of the steps of the switch would be to change my meter, I am told nothing in fact I get bombarded with prepayment meter info, so I ask about moving to a credit meter and even give dd details, that gets ignored, you delete the information in my account and remove the ability to add or update it, you the email to say I need to give dd details or you’ll cancel my switch, which I already had before you deleted them, I email you to inform you that there isnt an option to add the dd details and that you have actually removed everything, no response, I try and set up a new account in the Hope’s that I could fix your broken site, same issue, no details in my account, someone emails me about my second property, telling me to select it from a list, but I only have one property and there is no list, and my original question is unanswered still! So I ask again, and surprise surprise! No answer yet again!

Either put a damned credit meter in or cancel my switch, your companies incompetence is driving me insane!

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I’m just another customer, so can’t really help with your problems. But I’m interested, when and how were you advised that your prepayment meter would be replaced when you switched? This is not part of the switch service with any supplier. If you have a prepayment meter now, you’ll still have a prepayment meter with a new supplier. The only time this doesn’t apply is if you have a smart meter, which is sounds like you do not.

If you wanted to swap out your prepayment meters for credit meters, you would have been best placed to get this done with your existing supplier before trying to switch.

Regarding cancelling your switch, you can do this via either supplier. If you’re not getting any sense out of Bulb then contact your existing supplier and tell them you’ve changed your mind and want to say. They’ll be more than happy to stop the switch for you, in fact I’m surprised they haven’t contacted you with any offers to tempt you to stay.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I’m now moving to a different supplier, and will hopefully have more success! When I started the switch I was presented with a “What’s next” page, one of the things listed was that our old supplier would replace our meter. It’s a shame to have been ignored each time I requested help, I was looking forward to my new Samsung smarter things hub.

I don’t recall ever seeing that. With the greatest of respect, I think you might have simply misunderstood something. When switching, neither supplier will change the meter, and certainly the supplier you’re leaving wont change the meter when you’re leaving them. The only exception to this is if you have a prepayment smart meter which is reconfigured to a credit meter by the old supplier before handing it over to Bulb, because Bulb do not currently support smart prepayment meters. But this is just a remote reconfiguration, no one will need to visit to install a new meter for you.

If what you were expecting was a new smart meter to be installed by Bulb, then they would have done this for you eventually. But not immediately at the time of your switch. You would have continued with your existing non-smart prepayment meters as before with your old supplier. If you have a smart prepayment meter, then this should have been converted to a credit meter by your old supplier at the time of your switch, and if they didn’t do this then the fault is with them not Bulb.

It certainly seems there’s a lot of confusion somewhere, and as you say it doesn’t help at all the Bulb customer service isn’t very good right now. Good luck with your new supplier!

Hi, I would like to cancel my switch to Bulb, please help

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Yes I have had same problem noticed on my bank statement there are actually a few Payments when there is two in one month Bulb was great when I first joined a long while back but I see it slipping now thinking off leaving xxxxx

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What l am doing now is keeping a check on my weekly usage, l have a data sheet and l record in the data sheet electricity and gas l use and the costing…just keep a track of your usage.
I use about 1300 kWh a month. You should not be getting bill corrections if you are on a smart meter. Do it like this and you will be able to keep track on your bill.


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and download the app

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No it’s like they are taking the standing order twice in one month only noticed when checked my bank statement one is one standing order took 14/15 days later took same again like they are taking it double noticed it when I had a good look at my bank statement I can’t afford to pay a double standing order why would a company even do this I’m going to my bank to get statements from when I joined Bulb then check through for doubles sending to complaints Dep want it corrected so beware !!!

Have you changed your payment date recently?

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I’m surprised nobody checks their bank statement on a regular basis, assuming they have Internet Banking?

Perhaps somewhat overboard but I check my bank statements on a daily basis and know exactly what should be going into and out of my account. It is my standard practice to automatically check what goes into my Bulb account on a fairly regular basis so issues such as two payments in one month hasn’t occurred during my 19 months or so with Bulb.

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No I haven’t it’s same date supposed to be 28 th every month then they have taken it off again 15 days later then again 28 so 15th month then 28th month xxx

I had internet banking but due to a problem with my account I’ve to go into bank to get it all sorted I called the bank but need to go into a branch to get it fixed or I would be checking on the internet x

So do l, check my bank details everyday on my phone, it is very easy.

Hi I tried to switch my gas and electricity to bulb but i got a letter from my old supplier saying there was a debt on the account the debt is £8 I’ve now got my gas card for bulb but it’s not showing that I should be getting electricity from you any idea why this is as the debt will be paid within the next week

I have just had both gas & electric smart meters installed. I can see the electric meter on the IHD but not the gas meter?

I got an email to enter my first meter readings.But my account will not let me enter then in any help pls