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This is a common fault.

Same problem, bulb service seemed great to start with, but now we cannot get a customer enquiry response, the electric estimates are too high, and the credit has just been drained from our account ever since we had the smart meter, which they do not accept the readings from. What’s the point of this forum if they are not replying to it. Think its time to move to another startup power company before this one goes bust like Economy Energy, which took us 9 months to get our balance paid back :grimacing:

Hi there! I need one bill sent to my address because I’ve just moved in and the bank wouldn’t accept a printed out bill as a proof of address unfortunately (they want an actual letter that reached me on my new address). I hope it can be done once, thanks

The supplier you were with on the 7JULY 2019 would be responsible for your WHD(good luck getting it if their as bad as you say)

Try moving the ihd nearer the gas meter if it’s out of range it won’t show

Hello I called yesterday to have some disretionary payment as I haven’t been paid and have 24 p gas in emergency they sent a message to my shop I’ve taken the card 2 times and both times it’s not worked I am worried as you are not open and have no heating with four children in the house please could you help

I need to give my readings in as a new account h[quote=“Eleanor_at_Bulb, post:1, topic:56029, full:true”]
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I cannot get into my account. How do I amend email?


It would be helpful to make reference to the property in the subject of the emails you send. I have two accounts and it can be tricky knowing which one you’re referring to. I currently reference the email based on the DDM amount mentioned. If that’s not included I struggle. Keep up the good work. Regards James

Hi , had my smartmeter2 installed in April 2019 together with the IHD. The IHD has never worked, I have tried fix’s advised by Bulb but no joy. The last communication from Bulb, via email, was last July 2019 but have had no communication since. What is the latest situation with the IHD, when will it work.

How do I post a question?

You just did :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi i’m just joined to bulb it’s supposed i registered at debit system with monthly bill. But they send me email explaining how can i top up the meter by card?!! What’s it! I didn’t know their phone and they didn’t reply email. Is Any one here can help?. Thank you

My Smart Meter was installed a week ago. The engineer was unable to connect it to the network at the time of installation and I understood that this was because of a software fault. A week later the IHD is still not working, although the meter itself is displaying my electricity consumption. What do I need to do to create the connection?

How do I request smart meter installed

You can’t do anything. Your energy supplier needs to make it work. Unfortunately, Bulb seem to have a lot of trouble with this. You’ll need to raise the issue with Bulb.

I am considering having you install a smet2 smart meter, but before i commit to it I need to know the external dimensions of the meter? as the space my current meter occupy’s is quite tight.

I don’t want to waste the engineers visit, as that what happened with my last supplier.

Hi bulb took over my electricity supply on the 19th.i still haven’t received my top up key and also I see my account details all I get is ur signed in as or go to community

If you phone or webchat they should be able to give you an eight(8) digit code to reprogram your existing key to your new details. Don’t email as this could take a while for a reply

How do I we chat on here.i can’t find it

Use the help button at the top or bottom of this page that will give you the “contact us” details