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aren’t you overjoyed to now be in the land of the free? You’ll be able to look back on this experience when you write your memoirs and have a bloody good cry :crying_cat_face:

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My problem is my smart meter fitted by previous supplier has stopped working entirely. The screen on the gas meter shows nothing and will not wake up no matter what I do. The meter was meant to be changed but cancelled due to Covid.
I believe the estimated readings my bill shows are high and I am paying too much. When they come to change it does it have a manual reading in the meter? Don’t want to keep paying more than I should as it could be months before it will be changed.

Hi @2tc :wave:,

We will rebook your meter appointment as soon we can when we resume jobs as normal.

Yes, often engineers are able to pull a final reading from meters that have faulty displays during the exchange so we can charge you to that reading and if we have been over estimating your usage then we will credit back any excess from your account.

We will need to use estimates between now and then which will be based on your previous usage when you were able to give readings.

I hope this clears things up a bit more but feel free to send us an email at if not. :slightly_smiling_face:

i have a issue with my meter reading . when i switch i mention as a two meter reading day and night.i also mention i have economy 7 meter . its almost 3 month and bulb is making excuse that my previous provider did not provide them right information. even i gave them my last 2 years bill on which its clear mention day and night rate and charges.

Hi @mehreenajasmaan

Welcome to the Bulb community, glad to have onboard.

We are unfortunately sometimes passed incorrect meter details by other suppliers, and this seems to be what has happened in your case.

We have contacted British Gas to ask them to confirm the correct details for your meter, but haven’t heard back yet.

I’m going to contact them again now to chase up the issue, and I’ll email you when I hear back about it.

I would stay with British gas since I changed to bulb from British gas I’ve had constant problems and higher bills I’m desabled and thought bulb sounded great as I like to help the planet but my problems gone on for months and would hate for more people to go throu the sane

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How do I apply for the winter payment please.

Hi @lou_17_uk - the link that @skippy64 has posted above will take you to the application page for the Warm Home Discount in your Bulb account.

There’s more information about eligibility here. As always, if you have any questions or need any help with the application, just let us know here and I can drop you an email. :slight_smile:


I had my new smart meters fitted on 17th November. The installation was fine, but the engineer left the old gas meter on the premises, when he should have taken it away (he took the old electric meter).

Can you please arrange for the old meter to be collected and disposed of?

Thank you


I’ve received my first statement from you,for £3,230but my opening meter reading is massively under-estimated. I do have an opening reading and did supply this when I arranged my account, but it doesn’t appear to have been updated.

How do I get this updated?

Thank you

Hi @ngfitch and @Simon97, welcome to Community!

@ngfitch I’ve sent you an email now requesting a little more information about what’s happened here.

@Simon97 I’m sorry about that - I’ve updated your account to the reading we got from your move in date and sent you a new bill. Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,

Hi GeorgieS

Thank you so much for looking into that :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to come back if I have any questions - I really like this feature! It’s really great to have a forum to talk to you folks at Bulb this way. Hope you’re all keeping safe and well :slight_smile:


I have been getting emails and letters all telling me different things. Their people don’t seem to agree with each other so there is no hope for poor earthlings like us. I have been with Bulb for just two months and on 9th January I switch to another supplier.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a manned phone. Snail mail is the only way of making contact with Bulb.

Blub don’t use snail mail might land on someones desk, prefer email as it flys right on by at the speed of light :joy:

Hi @philipallen51, welcome to Community!

If you need any help at all with anything, please feel free to ask me here, or you can request an email follow up if you want to discuss any account-related details.


Hello All.

Our flat has been empty since our son left in September at which point we became liable for the electricity supply. The screen on the meter has been blank for a couple of years so the bills have been estimated throughout that time. Our son tried time and again to get Bulb to change the meter but it was clearly not a priority and never happened. However, once we took over, obviously we need a proper starting figure and not some fictitious estimated figure that’s likely to be miles out. Still we struggled to get a new meter arranged and I started getting estimated bills even though the property is completely empty and unoccupied. I have been communicating with them by email and phone as I live 240 miles away and obviously don’t have access to the flat anyway under current conditions. Although everything seemed to be progressing, I was suddenly made aware that post had been building up at the property and in three months I had apparently used £1600 worth of electricity and they were calling in the bailiffs! I am told they miraculously took a reading from the broken meter after about a month, although after I queried this they have entered it on my account as “Customer Read” which is pretty clever from 240 miles away and when the meter doesn’t have a screen anyway! Finally we got a date for the meter change on 4th Jan and Siemens duly turned up but with the wrong meter so they left again. Despite calls and emails I can get no response from Bulb as to what happens now, and I presume they’re still applying charges for high usage on an empty property!

Does anyone have any idea how I can get Bulb to sort this out once and for all?