How to use up my Bulb balance if every month money is getting deducted from bank account

My current balance is showing as 260+ GBP in credit, then also why every month money is getting deducted from my bank? If it is so, then I’ll never be able to use my Bulb balance which is currently in credit. Please let me know, why this is happening

@amit1306 Thanks for getting in touch! We can do a few things with that credit, we can either leave it in your account to help cover the costs of the increased winter energy usage, we can get some of it refunded to you or we can use it reduce your payments over the next few months.

What we do with it is entirely up to you, but we’re still waiting on some technical information about your gas meter (from our partners that manage the flow of information between suppliers) so that we can get a statement out to you. That’s part of the reason your account looks like it’s in so much credit. If you give us a call on 0300 30 30 635, we’d be happy to discuss how much of that credit we would recommend getting back to you because after all, it’s your money!