How we’re making it easier to manage your energy

We’re always working hard to make it easier for members to manage their energy accounts and be proactive so members don’t feel that they need to ring us for help.

We thought it would be helpful to keep you in the loop with the things we’ve done recently, and what’s coming up.

Here are some of the things we’ve introduced recently:

  • Released our app on Android
  • Automatic texts to new members when their Welcome Email fails to get through
  • Sign new members up with Direct Debit by default rather than debit card payments
  • A button in Bulb Account where new members who are still in their cooling off period can withdraw their switch
  • A moving home wizard in Bulb Account where members can tell us in advance that they’re moving home
  • Ability to update email address in Bulb Account
  • A switch tracker in Bulb Account so new members can check up on the progress of their switch just by signing in
  • Automatic emails to members who have problems with their meters when they sign up so they know exactly what to do immediately

And here things we have coming up very soon:

  • Magic links in all emails, so you don’t have to login after we send you a link to your Bulb Account
  • Making our website more accessible for everyone, such as making it easier to use a screen reader
  • A confirmation email when you submit meter readings
  • A confirmation email when you top up your account
  • Automatically tell members what their recommended payment amount is when they visit the payment page in their Bulb Account (we also email this to members whose payments are quite a lot too high or low)
  • Show pending payments in your monthly statements
  • Allow members to easily switch from debit card payments to Direct Debits
  • Allow members to easily top up using a debit card when their new Direct Debit is still pending

There are also a lot of other things that we could be working on. What else should be on this list?

I’d like to be able to see the account balance in the Statement & Payments section of the dashboard. It doesn’t make sense to view money-in and money-out of your account in one place, then have to click elsewhere to see the current balance. An extra column showing a running balance would be much better. No reason why the current balance couldn’t also stay where it is now (in Payment Details) as it’s probably useful there too for those making top-up payments.

  • A confirmation email when you submit meter readings
  • A confirmation email when you top up your account
As previously requested, any chance of an option to turn this off, even if it's on by default? I get far too many emails as it is.

As a business member of bulb since October 2017, what clearly needs to be improved is your Business Energy supply. It’s clear you’re an energy company set up to provide households in every single way and this can sometime be frustrating for a business. One example being having to wait too long for an invoice after money has been taken in order to reconcile bank accounts.

What would make it easier is if the usage graph actually finally took into account Economy 7, rather than showing massive expenses as if all your energy was used in the day.

@norman7115 this is a great point. We’re working on it, see:

@mowcius yes, we will build this opt-out feature (though perhaps not in the first iterations). Great shout. I’ve let @“Simone at Bulb” know.

@JoshBosh we’re also working on giving businesses clarity on payments taken – we take your point about the lag between taking the payment at the beginning of the month and getting the statement at the end of the month. One thing that might be helpful: We can set up a Bulb Account for you, and you can see payments and usage in real time on the dashboard. Email and ask to get a Bulb Account for Business. They’ll explain that the Bulb Account for Business is still in beta, which it is, but perhaps it will go some way towards helping you reconcile payments more quickly.

@katherine244 this is a great point. There are a lot of improvements we can make to the usage graph – I’ll definitely keep @“Simone at Bulb” in the loop about your day/night usage point.

Note to @mowcius and @JoshBosh and @katherine244: we’ve added your ideas to our Open Roadmap in the Ideas List

Note to @mowcius and @JoshBosh and @katherine244: we've added your ideas to our Open Roadmap in the Ideas List

Hi Andrew, I would have hoped that @katherine244 point would already have been logged given it was reported in various topics last year, this one from November - my usage graph counting all electric usage at the day rate. If it has been forgotten can it please be bumped up as it is rather useless currently for those of us on Economy 7 with a high nightly usage and low daytime usage.

@Phillip_PAL you’re right, and I’ve now made it a bit clearer internally that this is the case.