Huge December bill

So - after being in credit every month in 2020 (even December!), Bulb have decided that I’ve used £900 just in in January 2021. Is this even possible? We live in a 3 bed semi not a mansion. Has anyone else received a similar staggering bill?

Have you submitted readings on time every month, if not estimates may have been used and this is catch up.

Hey @fs01142461414,

This month’s bill was the first time we have had a gas meter reading from you in a while, therefore we have been using estimates in the meantime.

This high bill is therefore a reflection of how much we had been underestimating your usage previously, as well as your consumption for the month.

To prevent shock bills such as this, we advise entering your meter readings at least every three months. The more readings we get, the more accurate our estimates will be.