I am on a vari tariff - how do i know I am on the best tariff?

Maybe there is only 1 tariff???
Thanks for info.

There is only 1

Hi @kira50 You care right, there is only one tariff so you will always be on our best offering

though its not guaranteed to be the best one as it doesnt offer the security of a fixed term tariff. what i have found is that although Bulbs unit prices per KwH are cheaper, the standing charge is relatively more expensive. (standing charge you pay for the energy being supplied to your property, a daily charge regardless of how much or how little energy is consumed).

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I have NEVER paid so much for electricity… never!

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Me to I normally paid bout £30 month single in small flat and since they took my key meeter it’s gone to almost £50 and been trying to sort it for months and being desabled makes this very hard for me to try and sort out even though they replied each time saying that it will be sorted it’s not

Hi @sharlenejuice

I’m sorry to see your issue is still ongoing, I can see it is something we have been trying to resolve for you for a few months.

You currently have an open complaint with a member of our prepay team, who is trying to rectify the issue with your meter being 1-rate on our systems, when it should be 2-rate. To fix this, we really need you to send over photos of your electricity meter and it’s readings. We need these things to be able to sort your account on our end.

This was requested in an email sent by my colleague on 27/07/20. Could you please get back to her as soon as possible with the requested information so we can move this forward for you?

Hi thanks for reply i have sent readings in yesterday as I said I am desabled so this is very hard for me I’ve had problems since I joined I switched suppliers as was told it would be cheaper.i was playing under £30 with my key meter and old supply. This is not the first problem I’ve had but the first problem was sorted on first day. Then I had problem and was told I needed a new meeter it is since u took my key meter that started a number of more problems i was told id get key meter replaced once u had themthis was over six MTH ago I was also told that paying by dd is cheeper it has not been so not only am I paying over I’ve still not had key meter plus I am reg for help due to being desabled and other med conditions such as meeter readings ex I am going to take this to the ombudsman as add by bulb as u promise to sort out any problems within 8 weeks

Hi @sharlenejuice

I appreciate your frustration with this and I can see that you’ve got an open complaint with my colleague.

You’re correct in that if this hasn’t been resolved in 8 weeks you are entitled to go to the Ombudsman. I do hope it doesn’t get to this point and we can get this resolved for you ASAP.

I’ve just asked my colleague dealing with the complaint to get back to you so please do look out for their response.