I am over £200 in credit so why do Bulb want me to increase my monthly payment plus the 12% increase

I realise that the cost of Bulbs energy is going to rise in November by about 12%, but why should I be asked to pay even more than this when I am in credit by over £200 … They are quoting my “average monthly use” at £92.79 which is ridiculous … Up to now, it has been as low as £42.50 and a high of £60.13 (3rd October figures) … Looking at my predicted payment costs on their graphs, I have enough credit to pay their predicted costs up to next May … So in theory all I should have to pay is the 12% increase due to the rising costs of Gas and Electricity … I don’t see why I should have to build up my credit even further with them … The credit is my buffer for Winter usage … It is now looking as though I should be looking for a move to another supplier … At my age (81) I need to keep costs down.


Purely as another customer, you have your finger on the button and know exactly what you should be paying. You are also fully aware of the potential energy usage in the forthcoming winter period.

With this in mind I would suggest you keep your direct debit at the same amount until you feel comfortable that your credit has been reduced to an acceptable level and still help you over the winter period. You can always increase your DD or do a top up if the credit is not sufficient.

The average monthly use is based on their estimate of your next 12 months energy usage. If this is way out so will be their suggested DD payments.

Thanks Allanr … That’s just what I was thinking of doing; keeping payments the same (+ the 11.1% later this month) … I assume that they cannot just put up my payments by more than the 11.1% … If the worst happens then I will just shift suppliers and claim my credit back … It would take a few weeks to get the money back, but I could wait OK … Thanks very much for your input confirming my thoughts.


With regards to Bulb putting up your payments. I think they are quite fair in this respect. You are able to set your own DD payments subject to the caveat that you have enough credit in your account to cover the following months energy use. My two previous suppliers (two of the big six) used to unilaterally increase my DD (after giving me reasonable notice) and I was forever challenging their calculation, normally they would acquiescence to my reasoning.

I should mention that I have always kept a spreadsheet of my energy use and payment activity, so I can be fairly accurate in assessing what my DD payments should be, without need for Bulb’s suggested payments…

I will wait to see how much they increase my DD by when the prices go up … If it is more than the 11.1%, I will reduce it to the correct point (plus a few pence) … I don’t want to keep putting money into my buffer … I want the buffer to reduce over the winter period … If necessary I could top up the buffer if there wasn’t enough in for the next months outgoing fuel payment … According to Bulb. if I don’t increase payments then I would only have a £17 buffer left next Spring … That is basically what I wanted from a buffer … Obviously my DD will increase when the 11.1% is added later this month … So I will wait to see what happens to the figures at the end of November and possibly December … I’ll keep in touch.

Sounds like an excellent plan @MarchBrown it’s always best to keep a close eye on these things, then adjust them as appropriate

Bulb wanted to make my new payment £83 … This is an increase of 18.6% … I have reduced the payment to £78.30 to cover the 11.1% increase … I still have a credit of £194 … I want this credit to reduce over the Winter months … I check my account a few days after my usage figures are downloaded to Bulb … If my credit falls to near my monthly payment, I will be able to immediately top up my account … I can see no way that my credit should be even further increased … I shall continue to monitor my account.

If my credit falls to near my monthly payment, I will be able to immediately top up my account ... I can see no way that my credit should be even further increased ... I shall continue to monitor my account.
Unfortunately the majority of customers don't keep tabs on their account hence the reason Bulb up the requirements when required.

If my predictions were correct, I should still be in credit up to May 2019. Unfortunately I can’t predict future fuel price increases and bad weather conditions so I am prepared to either top up or to increase monthly payments in the early part of 2019. Also, I can’t really predict when my Wife will turn up the thermostatic valves or the main hall thermostat. She feels the cold more than I do. Time willl tell, though I am half expecting to be forced to alter payments about February.