I am paying 2 providers as SSE have still not received reading and I changed to Bulb on the 3.2.2018

Hi please can I have an update. I changed to Bulb on the 3.2 .2018. I had a refund and final bill in respect of my Gas but to date I’m still paying SSE for electricity as well as yourselves. I changed over to save money and I have paid feb,March, and April to both yourselves and SSE for electricity.

I suspect it is the validation, I would phone Bulb to discuss.
In the meantime I would ensure I have enough in my account to pay SSE and cancel your dd with them.
When I left OVO and had excess in my account they paid back so much but I had to leave a months amount to cover the final bill and then the that balance was paid.

Hi @Fiona1964_ , @scudo is right in saying that there’s been a delay in the validation of the transfer reading. I have emailed you with the specifics :slight_smile: