I am renting out my house

I am now renting my house and need to change the name in the bill, but can’t find how to do that on this terrible website

@Simonvann, if you’re renting the property in its entirety then the new tenant would typically open a new account with whichever energy company they wish to be supplied by.

However, it appears to be your skills at navigating the website that is the issue. A search under “Help” for “Change name” gives this article:

It’s probably easier to just close your account.

If you’re expecting new people to take over the account, then you’re basically moving out of the property and they’re moving in. When you’re logged in to your account, you need to tap ‘moving out’ at the top right. More about that here:
What to do when you're moving house – Bulb

This is what they need to do, to take over the account:

It might seem a bit weird, but if you’re stopping being the person paying for the account, that’s how it works. More from citizen’s advice: