I am swapping from payg to credit with bulb when will they change my meter?

We are swapping from payg from Utilita to credit with Bulb. The first payment will be 13/01/20, does anyone know if Bulb will replace the metes? Thank you.

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Have you asked Bulb?

If you already have smets 1 “smart” meters from Utilita these will not be changed, they will be switched to credit meters by midnight the night before the switch, by Utilita.
when you make the switch IGNORE the advice from BULB about sending meter readings every three(3) months and send them in on the eleventh(11th) of every month, as your bill date is the 13th this will mean more accurate bills and save you a lot of tears further down the line

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No, because it is Saturday, and they are closed.

They will be open on Monday. Bulb are best placed to answer your query.

Thank you, this is exactly what happened. I will follow your advice re the meter reading.