I appear to have submitted my meter readings in the future!

Hi - I’m currently switching to Bulb. It looks as though the switch is due to complete on the 12th. On the 8th, I received an email asking for readings so I submitted them. They are showing up in my account as submitted on the 12th (it’s the 10th today :-/). Should I submit again on the 12th for greater accuracy (or perhaps 11th, or 13th, or all 3 even!), or will the reading from the 8th (dated 12th) be sufficient?

For the purposes of Bulb’s initial readings (which they will also send to your old supplier as final readings), plus or minus 5 days is acceptable, and they will be recorded as being the readings on switch day. It just means that you’ll pay plus or minus a bit to either Bulb or your old supplier, but in any event you won’t be paying twice for any days.
More here - https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001231992-When-do-I-submit-opening-meter-readings-

Great, thanks :slight_smile:

And a followup question:

I thought I’d just submit a fresh reading on my first day post-switch, to try and keep things accurate. Having switched from the world of fixed tariffs to that of variable tariffs, I’m conscious that I might want to keep a closer eye on things. However, I received an error that the reading was higher than expected and did I really want to proceed. So I didn’t. Should I have done? Would a new reading help to make my consumption figures more accurate more quickly? (in spite of the error message)

I presume that the error is because my first reading from the 8th is being taken as my effective reading for the 12th ( my start date). So today’s reading is actually 5 days different from the reading that Bulb is using as my reading for yesterday (12th).

So what is a good time between readings? I want to get shot of any discrepancy from the switch as quickly as I can so that I’m getting an accurate picture of my consumption.

@Bascule We only need a reading once a month around 2-3 days before we send a bill. This means every bill we send out is based on actual consumption. Any more frequent readings wouldn’t really affect anything too greatly so they are not necessary :slight_smile:

OK, thanks for that :slight_smile: