I can’t log in to my dashboard

Why do I automatically get logged into the Community Page? I want to submit a meter reading and it won’t let me… arghhhhh!

There is a technical issue at the Bulb end which they don’t seem able to rectify, this is an ongoing problem reported here on a very regular basis.

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So frustrating as am meant to be switching tomorrow and can’t give them a reading.

https://account.bulb.co.uk/ try web or phone DEFINITELY do not email as you will be a great gran many times over by the time they reply, if at all, sorry to be the bearer of such glad tidings(tongue very firmly in cheek)

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If it hasn’t sorted then take a picture of the meter readings that is date stamped for reference in case it is required at a later date.

Just had exactly the same thing! I’ve been unable to submit my meter readings and I am hoping it is a temporary fault which will be resolved shortly.

you will have to go here and get your account reset, don’t email