I cannot send a copy of "my" energy bill

I’ve been asked to send a copy of my energy bill, so that bulb can read my meter supply number (which btw I have no idea what it is), but I’ve just moved in, so I’ve no idea how I am supposed to do so.

If you have easy access to your meters, take photos. Just make sure the bits I’ve “blued out” are in sharp focus. If you have older meters without a bar-code etc, just make sure everything is focus before submitting.
Photographic evidence of meter readings can prove to be priceless.

Hi @antonuccig Welcome to Bulb Community.

It sounds like we may be asking for your Meter Point Number, as well as the Serial Number, which @tebor500 has helpfully pointed you to in their comment .

The Meter Point Number is linked to your property, so even if the Serial Number changes when the meter is exchanged, the Meter Point Number stays the same. If you don’t have a bill to send us, you should be able to get in touch with the current supplier at the property to confirm this, which will make sure that we take over the correct supply.