I can't log in to my Bulb account

I receive emails from Bulb, just like now, I suppose to give a first meter reading, but can not log in. It does not send me a link to login nor a link to create a password, however it says did it. How then?

The main site and the community use the same account. Since you’ve posted here, you clearly have managed to log in somehow!

I’ve had to register here in order to be able to post. And this password does not work overthere. However it allowed to use the same email address…

When I joined Bulb I had to register with an email address and password. Did you not do this? How did you switch?

Started through MSE. Ever since I got an email should allow me to track the switching, cannot log in. Other mails come through like welcome, give a meter reading.

You’ll have to phone Bulb and explain the problem. Nothing we can do here purely as other customers.

Yeah I know. Will do it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the effort anyway.