I cant pay my first bill

So it looks like im joining bulb, ive emailed and asked not to join ect and to no avail, im going to have £50 taken from my account tomorrow for my first bill and i dont have the money in there and i wont have the money in there for a long time, im on benefits ect ive not even requested to join this supplier im at a compleate loss as to what to do as i cant be with out electricity with young children in my house

Pleaee help me

I don’t understand how you are joining if you didn’t request to do so. However I would contact Bulb with your concerns by phone or live chat to enable you to get your situation resolved.

@Pokey_123 I have replied to your email about this. We would never cut somebody off supply for only missing one payment, so there is no need for you to worry about that. We don’t have any record of contact requesting a stop to the switch.