I can't reach my meter. Can Bulb move it?

My electricity meter is 11 ft up the wall in the hallway. I live in the basement flat, two lots of stairs to reach the hall. I am just over 5’ tall and ancient. I NEED a smart meter asap. All my electricity bills are estimates. Does Bulb prioritise customers at all?

@Yorkshire18 bulb currently doesn’t install smart meters, they are currently in the. midst of testing smart meters & they hope that they can start installing meters or at least offering the option 2 install in 2019.

you can search the help & support that will give more info on smart meters.

Hi @Yorkshire18,

I believe there are maximum heights for meters (for consumer usage and maintenance) - however, I can only find the specifications for external meter boxes (since your username mentions Yorkshire, I’m guessing you are in that area making your Distribution Network Operator [DNO] Northern Powergrid - see http://www.northernpowergrid.com/asset/0/document/2682.pdf for their meter guide).

It might be worth contacting Northern Powergrid to confirm the regulations for internal power meters and find out whose responsibility it is (your, your landlord/freeholder etc) as somebody may be responsible for moving the meter to a more acceptable height - however, there is the possibility you are the responsible person and if you want the meter to be at an acceptable height, you might have to pay for the works involved.