I can't to log on my account

Hi there, my name is , I can’t to log into my account and check my bills , please can you check what going wrong. I traied log on my account but all the time is wrong password, I exacly write under my login e-mail adress , that password what exacly you are send me, maybe somewhere is a mistake from yours site . I am from____ . Please contact with me on e-mail adress on ______________ or on a letter to my adress home, no I am hiding that is easier for me when you are contact with me by the paper letters . Thank You . Best Regards. ______________

It would be advisable to edit your personal details (address etc) by using the wheel symbol and click edit as this is a customer forum.
Best you contact Bulb direct, use the help button for contact info.

Hi @Benia, this is a public forum so we do not allow the sharing of personal information. I have redacted your details from the post for you.

I have also sent you an email with a new password for your Bulb Account, let me know if that still isn’t working and I’ll investigate further.