I did not ask for Pay as you go

Funny isn’t it. I’ve been with Bulb for years, I’ve moved house and taken them with me. However for the second time in the process I’m wondering why!!!

I requested Dual Fuel on a monthly Direct Debit. I get an email telling me my gas was PAYG and I immediately contacted support (3 weeks ago still no reply to that one) I get a reminder, again I email and still awaiting a response.

No phone number to call and apparently the bots appear to have killed off all the humans who can actually respond.

Someone for the love of god fix this or I’ll talk with my feet and go somewhere else!!

Try: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new for the telephone number.

Hi @The_Sleeper,

There are still some humans here!

Sorry to hear about your meter being in smart PAYG mode, looks as though it had been set to this before you moved into the property and began your switch to us.

I can see this was requested the other day when you chatted into us, so our operations team will be working on getting your meter switched back to credit in the coming days.

One can’t help wonder why it took four(4) days for said humans to respond.
Cannot have been weekend as four days ago was Thursday

Except that the OP was apparently on Friday (the RH timeline shows “Oct 2”), which would mean the “4d” indicator is a little generous (perhaps it took lessons from Bulb’s estimating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

well, to be fair, it had been about 3 weeks not 4 days. Looks like we can circumvent the bots using the forum :grin:

Shows the 1st on my page

Strange, it does for me now too. When I wrote my comment, the timeline header showed “Oct 1”, and the marker/slider for the first post showed “1/4 Oct 2”.

Am I allowed to blame this on Bulb too? :wink:

most definitely, its all their fault :joy: