I do NOT want a SMART meter

I currently have a NonSmartPrepaymentMeter. I like it.

My problem is that in order to top up I must use cash, and cash is being phased out of the system.

Is it possible to have my prepayment meter changed to and ordinary NONSmart meter?

No as these too are also being phased out.
It will be many years before cash is phased out.
A prepayment “smart” meter would work exactly the same as the one you have now, except you could top-up online instead of going to the shop

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I’m guessing you know that my problem with SMART meters is not their functionality.

It won’t be long before you find me forced into a living style of swinging through the trees (if any are left) in a loin cloth.

I’m guessing you know that my problem with SMART meters is not their functionality
You have my sympaphy, I also have the same problem with technology.
But the good thing about “smart” prepay meters is that you don;t have to touch them, once you top-up(online or shop) the payment goes straight onto the meter automatically

Hi @jairo and welcome to our Community :bulb: ,

Are you having any difficulty paying with cash at any paypoint or payzone? These shops should all still take cash.

Furthermore, we can change your meters in the future to a non-smart meter. However, it does come at a cost of £120 for electricity and £118.46 for gas. Also, we won’t be able to book this sort of job in at the moment due to the situation with coronavirus.

Here is a link with more information: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360028024111-Getting-your-meter-changed-removed-or-tested

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Thank you Noah,
I was simply thinking of the future of cash in the general system, and thus paypoint. Everything is okay at the moment.
I will start saving for my non-smart meter, and a lull in the lockdown period :wink:
Thanks again

Hey @jairo the physical cash system is unfortunately a little beyond our remit!

Regarding smart meters, the vast majority of installations are successful, and even many failed ones can be remotely fixed afterwards. It wouldn’t cost you anything to have a smart credit meter installed and worst case scenario, your meter would have the same functionality as a non-smart credit meter.

Something to think about? :thinking:

Hi Matthew,

I have seen enough information about the health considerations of smart meters, and I consider the Internet of Things a little invasive … but thank you for your advice.

Smart has two meanings:

  1. Intelligent

  2. “sharp stinging pain”

Hence, I wish to avoid smart meters

Traditional credit meters are no longer being manufactured, so it would be interesting to see where Noah is going to “magic” one up from.

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@jairo I’d recommend having a read of the government guidance on the health considerations of smart meters which can be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/smart-meters-radio-waves-and-health/smart-meters-radio-waves-and-health.

The evidence to date suggests radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a health risk. Using mobile phones actually leads to greater exposures of radio waves than smart meters.

Of course, it’s completely your choice if you don’t want a smart meter. We won’t make you get one. I just wanted to include some information for anybody else taking a look at this thread too.

@skippy64 Excellent as it would be to see Noah magic up a meter, that’s not quite the way it works. Meters are often recycled. For example, when a functioning non-smart meter is replaced with a smart meter at a property, the non-smart meter will be kept. This could then be installed at a property that has requested a non-smart meter or doesn’t currently have smart network coverage :slight_smile:

The government also said smoking was good for your health. Just sayin’ :wink:

Methinks you have perchance been listening to Eamonn Holmes and Amanda Holden to much, free radicals from smart meters and 5G phone masts that make you “glow” green in the dark, absolute tosh. “Would use a stronger adjective but would just be deleted”

You my dear friend are entitled to your opinion of course.

I am a Trivium thinking PhD. I listen to all relevant information and come up with my own conclusions.

It would appear that you on the other hand will simply repeat whatever you consider an authority be it Amanda Holden, or Theresa May. I could be wrong of course.

I think, and make up my own mind. I assume you have done little actual research on most matters.*

Yes and I don’t believe any of them.
I have had “smart” meters for over two(2) years and I aint dead yet.About the only thing T May would be an authority on would be how to trample a wheat field

That’s quite funny.

However regarding the topic “I do NOT want a SMART meter”, I have enough information:

  • Bulb is not forcing SMART meters
  • I may be able to get an ordinary meter to replace my prepayment ordinary meter
  • It may be possible to charge my meter directly from Bulb staff on special arrangement

However, in this increasingly cashless society (think about how often one taps a contact card or phone on a gizmo to pay rather than handling cash) the danger of my charging my prepayment key is not yet imminent.

In all seriousness, if that’s what works for you go for it. My reason for changing to smart meters was purely financial.
But I have had my three score and ten so I’m on borrowed time anyway

Hi @skippy64

People don’t use the word ‘score’ enough to mean a period of time anymore (well, except when quoting a certain speech :tophat: ).

I’ll be making a conscious effort to use it more from now on, that’s for sure.