I don't want a smart meter

I left my old supplier because they were trying to force me to get a smart meter, and denied me their best deals because I wouldn’t allow them to fit one. Now I’m getting emails from Bulb asking me to make an appointment to have one fitted. I DON’T WANT ONE. During the sign up process I specifically asked whether I would be expected to get a smart meter and was told “No” so I’m really annoyed at getting these nag emails. I’ve unsubscribed from the email list - is this all I need to do?

I've unsubscribed from the email list - is this all I need to do?


Although your complaint about being “denied their best deals” because they require a smart meter is rather silly. It’s no different to being required to pay by direct debit to access cheaper tariffs. A commercial company can do whatever they like (within the bounds of the law) to define what they want to charge for their services.

Bear in mind that at some point your right to decide will be lost because no manufacturer will make anything other than smart meters. That point may well have already passed. Once your existing meter is worn out and needs to be replaced, and there’s nothing you can get but smart meters because no one makes anything else, what will you do then? Have your electricity supply disconnected?

So, you decided not to leave me any useful advice, but chose to belittle my opinion with regards to how I arrange my affairs, and then make a pointless comment about how I might be forced to do something I don’t want to do in the future. How tremendously helpful of you. So much for community, I would really rather people like you did not bother.

I do not want a smart meter because I am aware of the potential for dynamic pricing (having been warned about it by an electrical contractor, and read several articles confirming what he told me), and I do not trust suppliers not to apply this once they have reached a critical mass (some unknown proportion) of smart meters fitted. In this case I believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to resist the fitting of smart meters, because dynamic pricing is going to cost us all more.

So, you decided not to leave me any useful advice,

All the necessary useful advice was contained within the first word of the reply.

The rest was additional commentary that you can choose to read or ignore, entirely up to you. :slight_smile:

The precursor to dynamic pricing - a three-rate tariff like Bulb’s “smart tariff” - is currently saving me lots of money while charging my electric car overnight. Once I’ve added vehicle-to-grid or some other battery storage, to dynamic pricing I say bring it on!

Eventually single-rate tariffs, either via smart meter or not, will be priced so eye-wateringly high that it’ll make dynamic pricing look cheap. Market forces will push it that way, like it or not.

Can we have an ignore user option please. I’d like to have the ability not to see posts by rude, smug people.


I dont really see how @Hooloovoo is being rude. They are literally staing fact.

I’m in the camp of I wont get a smart meter until I’m forced to and moved for a reason of being forced into a smart meter.

Bulb take the approach of if you want one you can have one, the smart tariff does not suit a large majority of users as the peak rate is really expensive for someone who works full time so most of their electricity usage is done during the peak times. But if you have an electric car like H it could save you buckets charging overnight.

I wont get a smart meter until they are sorted and not giving estimated readings, I wont be using the Ihd for sure.