I don't want to be on Economy 7 but I think I am!

My previous supplier EON had me on Economy 7 and my landlord has updated our heating so there is no point having E7 any longer he said. I think Bulb may still have me on this tariff? Isn’t it cheaper not to be on it? Thanks! S

If you have an economy 7 meter you are stuck with the economy 7 tariff.

You will need to request a replacement meter which will be around £120 unless you opt for a free smart meter (which has its own problems currently) and the tariff can be swapped remotely if they are able to connect to the smart meter.

Alternatively swap to another supplier who may allow free exchange of meter if you don’t want smart.

I got my E7 meter changed free with my previous provider (SP) and not to a smart meter (I can’t have one currently) so I got rid of the E7 extra charges.
But they can put you on a non E7 tariff and you just add the meter readings together from night and day. But you#d need to speak to Bulb about that, if they can do it.
You might ask the landlord to deal with it though?