I don't want to pay higher payments

Is this ok

I agree shayla - I was not told that there would be higher winter payments until AFTER sign up. The whole point of monthly payments is to budget evenly. Comments BULB?

Hey @shayla14, the first payment has already been requested and we won’t be able to amend this payment in time. We will be able to refund you the difference between the winter uplift and the normal quote.

@willie, we will also do this for you as well.

For both of you, will remove this 20% from your upcoming winter payment in March.

The reason we apply the winter uplift is that the monthly quote you are given is an estimated monthly usage and during the winter we all use more energy. To avoid your account falling into debit we apply this 20%.

This is only for your first winter so don’t worry about the payment amounts going up next winter. Normally, in the summer you will build up a bit of credit as you will be using less energy so you can cover this extra usage in the winter.

We do try to explain this as much as we can to our customers and we’re sorry we didn’t make it clear during your switch, We understand that this is a slight change to what you’re used to and we’re working on explaining these things better.

Thanks Shayla - much appreciated and impressed by your prompt positive action.

@willie, no problem at all. We value customer feedback very highly! It helps us to make the sign-up process even better, great to have you with us.