I feel conned by bulb!

Just switched to Bulb and a week later I receive a letter telling me at the end of May my electric rate is increasing 34%!

It feels like a bait and switch con job! Offering a low rate to get me on board and then a month later hiking it!

I understand rates increase, but 34% in one hit is difficult to justify!

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Ouch! so how much is £’s extra a month then ? mr_bulb

Day rate Until 29 May 14.74p From 29 May 19.76p
Night rate 8.33p 11.17p

The annoying thing is, I need to install an EV charger and I’ve just been told I need to change to a smart meter and have an isolation switch installed. So I’m trapped until Bulb have done that.

I see where you are coming from awkward to say the least.
I dont know the answer to this one maybe someone else will pop along with some good tips. Good Luck hope you get some help.

Hello @mr_bulb

Welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

We are really sorry for the timing of the price change. Our variable tariff changes for everyone at the same time. The wholesale cost of electricity has gone up 25% since March, therefore our prices have had to increase too.

The last time we increased our prices was in 2018. As mentioned above, wholesale energy costs have increased since then, so we have had to increase our prices to reflect this. We don’t like increasing our prices, but because our tariff is low and reflects the true cost of energy, we have to change our prices when costs change.

I hope that’s made things a bit clearer for you. But, as always, let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


The last time we increased our prices was in 2018.?
Find that hard to believe, think you have had an increase or two since then!

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Hello @mojo,

Sorry if the above was not clear, this was in connection to a business price increase, not a residential price increase. The last price change for business was in Nov’ 2018.


OK, got it now thanks

Thanks for your reply @Nathan_at_Bulb

I was told when I joined that prices hadn’t changed since Nov 2018, but I didn’t expect them to change by +34% the month after joining! Maybe smaller incremental increases over time might be more appropriate?

I’ve had a reply today from business support at Bulb, so hopefully I can get the works done soon to allow my EV charger to be fitted!

Hi @mr_bulb,

I understand what you mean, we aim to keep our prices low as often as possible, and where wholesale energy costs have continued to increase since then, we’ve had to reflect this onto our current prices.

We will always try to make sure our tariffs are kept low to help you keep your business costs down too. If wholesale costs begin to decrease again, we’ll be able to reflect this onto our prices.

It’s really great to hear that you’re in communications with our Business support team! Yes hopefully not long now! :crossed_fingers:

Kind regards,

I too, am outraged by Bulbs latest price hike to businesses - 36% increase and it can not be justified - they put my price up to 13.02 p per KWh on electric in Sept 2018 when wholesale price was £67 per megawatt ( ie 6.7p per KWh to buy in ) wholesale price fell to £24 per megawatt by April 2020 - so over a 4p per KWh reduction - but they never reduced their per unit price ( despite saying in their blurb that they do ) they claim increase is now due to wholesale prices increasing by 36 % - which it may well have done but it was from a low point which was never passed on. The current wholesale price is circa £55 per megawatt , still well below the peak in Sept 2018. The wholesale part of a unit rate is typically 38-45% of the cost of your unit - so they are saying this has gone up 36% and now they have applied 36% to the whole tariff - day light robbery ! I have made a formal complaint but they can not justify this . They dare not put up domestic rates by 36% ( Ofgem has a cap on them ) imagine the outcry ? Yet they can put it on us the business community - it’s absolutely outrageous! We are just getting the other side of this pandemic and we have all been impacted financially, now they put up their prices 36% ! Talk about kicking you when you are down .

Hi @Outraged :wave:

I understand the price increase has come as a shock and am sorry that you feel let down by Bulb.

The wholesale cost of energy has increased, along with other factors that are involved in supplying your energy, such as network costs.

As you mentioned, there is now a complaint open regarding this, where we have outlined our position and the proposed next steps. We would ask that you continue to communicate with us in that email thread.

Cara :bulb:

How has network costs increased enough to double the scam charge… sorry i mean standing charge? 22p to 44p a day. Its like everyone is growing pound notes in their gardens!

Hi @Smart_fitter

We aim to keep our prices low as often as possible, and where wholesale energy costs have continued to increase since then, we’ve had to reflect this onto our current prices. It applies if you’re on a default energy tariff, whether you pay by direct debit, standard credit or a prepayment meter.
The energy price cap is backstop protection from the government, calculated by Ofgem. You can read all about this on the ofgem site so that you can get a clearer understanding on this - Check if the energy price cap affects you

–Suki :hibiscus:

That doesn’t explain the credit you scoundrels have stolen from me

Hi @Smart_fitter :wave:

We have had to increase our standing charges for gas and electricity in line with Ofgem’s price cap. Unfortunately there have been significant increases in network and policy costs which make up part of the standing charge. Our blog has more info: Energy price watch: we’re changing our prices | Blog | Bulb

I am really sorry that you feel that you have been overcharged. If you want we can take a look at your bills and usage to double check you have been billed correctly.


I don’t feel like I’ve been overcharged, I believe you buggers took £60 of my credit which you shouldn’t have taken!

I understand youre upset but that doesnt give you the right to use those offensive words…

Im a customer like you btw but Im polite.

I didn’t use offensive words but some people are more offended than others…