I gave meter readings, bulb still used estimated

Bulb used estimated readings from june 23rd but are completely wrong, I took readings on June 19th and sent them as day 42809 and night 34082 which are completely different from the estimations given please could you change the estimations to this from 19th of June, thank you.

Not with them now but make sure you send in the readings when requested, early or late will lead to estimates. They wont change their estimates but it will sort it self out at the next set of readings.

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I did on the 19th of June it must have not gone through, the estimated readings given by bulb are no way near accurate

Hi @manolymanoly, I’ve just taken a look over things and it does appear that, due to some discrepancies with the billing from your old supplier, your opening readings weren’t accepted.

I can see that you spoke to my colleague Noah at the end of last month to enquire about your billing with your previous supplier, as it looks like they had your day and night readings the wrong way around. Did you hear anything back from them about this? If so, just pop back a reply to Noah’s email and we can take it from there.

@Lou_at_Bulb I was told bulb would contact the old supplier if they got the readings wrong, is it possible you could contact them? I have given photos showing the readings and the estimated readings you have given me are completely wrong, so when I give the readings for this month in the coming days I won’t be charged correctly which is a problem.

@Lou_at_Bulb @Noah_at_Bulb I’ve tried to give readings today and it won’t let me as it says night and day are wrong way round even though they aren’t?? How are you going to fix this the estimated readings are completely off

Hi @manolymanoly,

I’ve sent you an email just now about this :blush: