I had a smart meter, now a dumb meter

I have a smart meter that went Dumb when I moved supplier and now I am moving to Bulb. What I want to know is what readings should I give when asked for a meter reading? My supplier that put in the meter, British Gas, gave my present supplier a meter reading different to what I gave the present supplier, I now know there are 3 readings on the smart meter, the total, Act 1 & Act 2 Which one should I give Bulb when they ask for a reading the total or the Act 1 or Act 2 reading?
I know the total is the combined reading of the Act 1 & Act 2 readings, there was quite a lot of confusion as I thought the smart meter was just like the previous meter and gave one reading. I would hate to set off giving one reading that was wrong, for example the total of the act 1 & 2 readings when I should be giving the higher of those two readings or as my present supplier has had me doing the lower of the two and working my bill out from 8 hours of free time electric. So starting off giving the right reading will make life simpler for everyone.

This thread might help: https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/7484/smart-meters

Or possibly confuse you further!

The end result was that you should submit the R1 readings when on a single-rate tariff. I’m not absolutely convinced though!

Thanks Hooloovoo but the supplier I am moving from has already screwed up my readings and is using Act 2 to work out my bills so if they give this to the independent firm that agrees the readings, or whatever they do, I am going to be screwed again. I would be underpaying using this reading as it’s only around 20 units a month not the 230 plus that I use.

All I can say is - Good luck! Having multi-rate electric certainly does seem to make switching more complicated.