I hate to state, I need help quick

Can anyone at BULB help me please. All over Xmas my mum gave me £50 to have my heating on, as only been able to afford two hours at night. Yes people are in the same boat, but frequently I am going into emergency a lot. I have a smart meter, and paying payg.

I used my last £50 today buying food for us and my dogs. They won’t have enough food until the 31st January when I get my UC payment. Nor will we. Never used food banks, because although I am disabled, I always help charities and believe people are worse off than me.

However can you help bulb can I have unlimited emergency credit until the first February please. My husband is my carer. £10 in these times is not enough, I used to receive £30 on each from my last supplier. But with rising costs, £30 wouldn’t be enough.

My council have refused the Government grant scheme

I have tried the * chat* service and no one ever available. Cannot get through on the phone.

Pretty desperate, thank you

Hi @Shelbee ,

Thank you for getting in touch and sharing your current circumstances with me.

We’re able to provide you with a loan of up to £20 for your electricity, to a maximum of £49 across the year as and when you might need it.

It would be irresponsible of us and unsustainable for you if we continued putting you into more debt. So, any further discretionary credit will only be available if you tell us more about your financial situation through our financial charity Tully.

Please bear in mind Bulb are here to support you, but we can only help with a maximum of £49 per year. This is to support you short-term while you contact other agencies who can provide more long-term support.

There are various other organisations and schemes that can help if you are having financial difficulties, such as:

Fuel Direct - Help paying bills using your benefits - GOV.UK

A government scheme that arranges for your energy bills to be paid directly out of benefit payments.

StepChange Debt Charity - https://www.stepchange.org/

StepChange helps thousands of people overcome debt every week. You can call them for free on 0800 138 1111. Don’t fancy a chat? They also have helpful tools such as their Debt Remedy Tool - Financial Help To Deal With Money Worries. StepChange - and a 60-Second Debt Test - https://www.stepchange.org/Debttest.aspx .

National Debtline - https://www.nationaldebtline.org/

I hope this information helps.
– Suki :hibiscus: