I have 4 digits on my meter but Bulb have a 5 digit reading

I have recently joint Bulb and have been asked to give a meter reading. The last reading that is displayed which was sent to you by EDF is dated back to 31st May 2017 which is five digits. The more recent ones that I have are four digits which I took last week and before that in March this year 2018. I am unable to send these current readings.


Purely as another customer.

This is an odd situation, the system is that normally you supply a meter reading to your new supplier (in this case it is Bulb) a couple of days before your switch. This reading is in turn sent to your old supplier (in this case it EDF) via a an independent third company for validation.

So in theory EDF wouldn’t be responsible for supplying a meter reading to Bulb. What makes you think EDF supplied a reading to Bulb?

@Pallavi1234 Are you able to send us a photo of the meter and we can add the correct reading? Our email address is help@bulb.co.uk