I have a prepayment meter

How do i see my tariff and usage please?

Hi @linda.blower

Good to see you back on the Bulb Community again. You can see your tariff in your Bulb account here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/tariff

Alternatively, you can check your tariff on the meter itself. This is screen ‘I’ for electric, and varies for gas. I’ve added a guide below on getting those screens up.

As for tracking usage, if wanted to monitor how many units of energy you’re using you’d need to keep an eye on the meter index screens. This is screen H for electric, or screen ‘3’ for gas.

Once we are able to install smart prepayment meters, it will be a lot easier to keep track of your usage. We’ll be able to give you an in-home display, which will allow you to monitor usage in real time.

Whilst we don’t support smart prepay just yet, you can register interest here so we’ll let you know as soon as we can: https://bulb.co.uk/smart-prepay/

I’m afraid the link doesn’t work? I shall try and read it on the meter. Thanks

Hi @linda.blower

My apologies for that. If you’re still having trouble, you can login to your Bulb Account and the ‘Tariff’ option appears in the top right corner.

Clicking that takes you to a page outlining your current rates :slightly_smiling_face: